Naim Uniti Nova PE is the music streamer of my dreams

Naim unleashes four premium audio products including a seriously high-end streamer

Naim Unity Nova PE
(Image credit: Naim)

If you're in the market for the highest of high end music streamers, Naim would like a word. The audiophile firm has just launched an exceptional new music streamer, the Uniti Nova PE, alongside three other premium audio products. 

We have a long history of enjoying Naim products: the firm's Mu-so wireless speaker is a three-times T3 Awards winner. So we're excited about this new streamer.

The Uniti Nova PE is a new version of the firm's one-box streaming system, and it's a big upgrade over its predecessor: the PE stands for Power Edition, because its per-channel power is up from the previous 70W to 150W to deliver room-filling audio. 

The rest of the spec is impressive too: there's hi-res audio support up to 32-bit/384kHz, AirPlay2, Chromecast, HDMI Arc and Bluetooth for maximum flexibility, and a gorgeous brushed aluminium box with a big screen to show off album artwork.

This is a high-end audio device and it has a high-end price to match: expect to pay £8,600 / $10,000 / €10,000. The Uniti Nova PE will be available this month, February 2024.

Naim's new CI series gives your existing setup an upgrade

In addition to the Power Edition of its Uniti streamer, Naim has also unveiled three new products in its brand new CI Series, which has been created for custom integration. 

The CI Series is designed to complement existing setups and CI Focal loudspeakers, and the models are the CI-Uniti 102, a streamer/amp for CI Focal speakers with wired and wireless streamong; the CI-NAP 108, an 8-channel power amp; and the CI-NAP 101, a low and high impedance mono power amp intended primarily for subwoofers.

This is new territory for Naim: it's the first time it and Focal have offered compete custom integration (CI) solutions which it claims will deliver "a perfect audio setup". 

The CI Series will be available in Q2 2024; expect to pay £1,299 / $1,499 / €1,499 for the CI-Uniti 102, £2,599 / $2,999 / €2,999 for the CI-NAP 108, and £1,299 / $1,499 / €1,499 for the CI-NAP 101.

Carrie Marshall

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