My favourite sports game is at its best-ever price on PS5 in the Amazon Sale

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EA Sports FC 24 deal
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If you are just a casual football game fan, you might be on the hunt for a great deal on FIFA 24. Well that might be tricky as there is in fact no FIFA 24, well at least not in name. 

The savvy know that FIFA 24 is alive and well, but just that is has a new name, EA Sports FC 24. While it may have lost the official FIFA name, it still has all of the same reasons to love it, namely all of your favourite (and least favourite) players and clubs. On top of that, it's now at its best-ever price on PS5 with a massive 71% off, that's right, you won't need Man City levels of money when EA Sports FC is just £19.99 on Amazon. That's a transfer bargain any manager would be happy with.

On top of all the big-name players in Europe's top leagues, EA Sports FC features all of the regular modes from the FIFA series across both single-player and multiplayer. That includes the super popular Ultimate Team trading card mode and my favourite, Pro Clubs where you and your friends control just one player each as you work together to become immortalised in footballing legend. 

EA Sports FC 24 (PS5):

EA Sports FC 24 (PS5): was £69 now £19 at Amazon

Football fans need to play the best football game on the market. EA Sports FC 24 features all of the world's top players both male and female and all of the modes you love from the FIFA series. 

Speaking of Ultimate Team however, the database of players to choose from has effectively doubled. Not by going down to practically park league level, but by adding the best female players in the world. In fact you can compile a team of both male and female players and it really spices up the teams you can make and face. 

On the pitch, it plays a good game of football too. It's largely similar to FIFA 23 except for a few new additions. The first being a brand new dribbling technique where if you hard R1 you'll run with the ball faster than a walk but with more control than a sprint. But most significant is the new playstyle system that allows players to really express their personality on the pitch. Do you have a defender who's also an incredible passer like Livepool's Trent Alexander-Arnold? They'll have the Playstyles to match and be capable of much more accurate passes than a regular player.

At this price, there's no excuse not to lace up your boots and get playing. Check out some of the other Spring Sale gaming deals too!

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