My favourite indie game in ages is coming to Game Pass this month

Keep on rollin'

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A quick history of my gaming journey. I grew up on the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games, spending way too many days perfecting my kickflips and 360 Varial McTwists and then when I was old enough I moved on to shooters. You can imagine my delight then when last year I stumbled across a game that combined both of my gaming loves. And soon Game Pass subscribers will be able to join in the fun. 

That game is Rollerdrome. A skate and shoot title arriving on the subscription service on the 28th of November. First of all, don't let the game's (beautiful) cell-shaded graphics fool you, this game can get pretty gnarly (and not just with your tricks). We play as Kara Hassan, a competitor In a Running Man-style death game. You enter various arenas ready to fight trained killers to the death, only you're on rollerskates, and the only way to get ammo is to pull off tricks. It's a genius premise that combined with a liberal amount of slow-mo can make you feel like a mix between John Wick and Mr Hawk in the best possible way. 

In your arsenal is an extensive range of grinds, grabs and flips as well as several different weapons that all serve a different purpose. The default twin pistols, keep your combo ticking over while the shotgun should be your bread and butter against armoured enemies, pull off an audacious enough manoeuvre and you can shoot your mighty rail gun, expensive, but deadly at pretty much any range. 


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Your aim primarily is to survive but much like the Pro Skater titles you are also tasked with completing a unique set of challenges for each arena, be it to defeat enemies in a certain way, score a certain amount of points or pull off specific tricks. It can get pretty hard later on too. 

Even having completed it, this is a game I still pop back in to revisit every now and then to beat a high score or just soak in the cool, and Game Pass subscribers will be able to play it for free on PC and Xbox from the 28th.

Andy Sansom
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