5 mistakes everyone makes with Amazon Prime Video

Do Prime Video the right way

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While many people subscribe to Amazon Prime just for the delivery service, it also nets you access to Prime Video, one of the best streaming services out there. It has a massive library of shows and movies and even live sport. 

On top of that it even has original series like the fantastic Upload, The Boys and Good Omens and Amazon MGM Studios movies that either go straight to the platform or appear in theatres then hop exclusively onto the streaming service, like Saltburn

But you still might not be getting the most of your time on Prime Video so with that in mind here are 5 mistakes everyone makes with Amazon Prime Video - and there's no shame if some apply to you!

1. Overlooking Freevee 

Jury Duty

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Ok, so this technically doesn't require an Amazon Prime subscription at all but It would be remiss of me not to mention Prime Video's little brother Freevee.

All of the content on Freevee is (as the name suggests) completely free. It does have ads, but they aren't that intrusive and are much shorter than terestrial TV. What's really interesting is that the library of content is totally different to Prime Video, so if you haven't checked it out it's definitely worth your time.

Freevee even has a few original series including the highly rated Bosch: Legacy and the incredibly funny comedy Jury Duty that I cannot recommend highly enough. 

2. Paying monthly... or not

As with every streaming service, paying annually will save you money compared to a month to month subscription - if you plan on subscribing all year. However if you aren't too interested in the library of content on offer then it might be better to consider a month to month subscription. With newly the increased price of ad-free streaming, being picky with your subscription might be tempting. 

Perhaps only subscribe when you see a show or movie being added to the service that you're excited to watch. It's easy to check what is new and upcoming to the service on the app or on the homepage. Plus we'll always keep you updated on what's worth watching. 

3. Poor quality hardware

Amazon Prime Video

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It goes without saying that when you want to watch something and get really immersed in it, then the show/movie looking and sounding as good as possible is important. 

Amazon Prime Video has plenty of HDR comaptible content (including HDR 10+) but unless you have a 4K HDR TV you'll be missing out. The best TVs can be a transformative bit ok kit in your living room. Some older TVs might also be lacking the Dolby Atmos certification that brings immersive sound to your home, picking up one of the best soundbars is a great way to fix this.

If you have a smart TV, then you may even be presented with the opion to enable 'Filmmaker mode' when launching a show or movie, this is a great way to watch, like the same suggests, as the filmmaker intended. 

4. Ignoring additional services... and free trials!

Prime Video has a massive library but it is also home to a number of more niche streaming services within it that you could augment your subscription with, and the majority have free trials that it can't hurt to try.

So what's on offer? Well movie buffs in particular should pay attention to the likes of Mubi and Icon Film while there are plenty of more specialist services like the horror movie focused Shudder, or the anime lover's dream Crunchyroll. Some of the services are probably not worth your time but the four listed above have some quality content on offer. 

5. Use the mobile app

Prime video on phone

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Obviously most of the best streaming services have mobile apps but that doesn't mean you should overlook the Prime Video one. It's particularly handy to download titles to watch offline or in situations with patchy internet coverage like on the train. 

It's also handy to cast to TVs via Chromecast, Fire TV and even an Echo SHow 15. With all these options, there's no excuse not to be up to date with the latest streaming hits and hidden gems.

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