Misfit adds web interface and connected home extras to Misfit Flash

Our favourite affordable wearable range just got smarter

TheFlashand Shine are among ourfavourite fitness wearablesbecause they are affordable, stylish and fun. JUST LIKE US! Now, maker Misfit has improved the Flash further with support for If This Then That (IFTTT) and the numerous connected homewares that are compatible with Logitech Harmony Home Hub.

It's not the brand's first diversion into home-related devices - the Misfit Boltsmart bulb came out earlier this year in the US and is heading here soon. It's also dabbled with funky wristbands made out of recycled goods and peddled by no less a figure than Will.I.Am.

Flash's new IFTTT compatibility means you can now double or triple press it to access anything from emails to calendar entries to how many hours you've spent pumping iron - "literally thousands of options" (that can be controlled by double or triple presses of a button) in total.

Along similar lines, Flash can also now control the Logitech Harmony Home Hub. This is a Nest-compatible, infra-red/Wi-Fi controller for "over 225,000 smart home devices," from thermostats to home cinema receivers. Thanks to "Harmony activities," you can trigger multiple controller actions with a simple double or triple press of your increasingly-smart watch's screen.

There's also Apple HealthKit integration, with sleep and weight data now visible in the HealthKit app, and an updated look and feel for owners of iPhones 6 and 6+.

Oh, and, as this rather drab graphic makes clear, the update also includes a new desktop/laptop app so you can view and analyse trends in your stepping, calorie burning and distances travelled.

The Misfit Flash, in case you're not familiar, is waterproof to 30 meters, comes in seven colours "including funky Fuschia and minimalist Frost" and monitors steps, calories, distance and sleep quality, all for under 50 quid. We like it.

And finally, here is Misfit's splendid Amy Puliafito to explain it all to you in videographic form.

Duncan Bell

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