Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC service is now ready for rent

Windows 365 subscriptions for cloud-based personal computers are now available

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Microsoft yesterday opened up accessibility to Windows 365, which is the platform that lets users stream Windows 10 (and, soon, Windows 11) across work and personal devices through the cloud.

The service is geared towards business users, specifically those who have moved to a hybrid workforce during the pandemic or need remote access options. Through the cloud setup, users can quickly stream the entire Windows experience, including all of their data and settings from a personal, corporate PC, or phone. 

Businesses can grab access to the Windows 365 cloud-based setup from August 2 of this year, after Microsoft officially unveiled it back in July. Windows 365 Business and Enterprise Cloud plans start at $31 per user per month

For this fee, you get access to a cloud PC setup with the equivalent of 4GB of RAM, two CPUs and 128GB of storage. You can view a complete breakdown of the service on the Windows 365 pricing page, which lists more packages and enterprise-ready subscriptions.

The new Windows 365 setup looks to be the perfect instant-on PC solution for the modern worker. By enabling business and personal users to quickly resume their workloads, it suits the hybrid working environments many businesses now find themselves in because of the pandemic. 

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