Mercedes joins the GT3 club with ultra-aggressive thoroughbred racer

Beware! The Mercedes AMG GT3 eats race circuits for breakfast

News broke last week that Aston Martin was about to muscle in on Porsche's hallowed turf by releasing a GT3 version of its already bananas V12 Vantage S, but now the Stuttgart massive have another competitor to deal with and they live just around the corner.

Mercedes' tuning arm AMG, which is based in Affalterbach, Germany, has just revealed a new race car concept that is based on the recently released AMG GT but boasts a Tarmac-grazing body kit and race-ready engine upgrades.

The car will be revealed in its entirety at the Geneva motor show next month, which is rapidly becoming a supercar-lovers playground, but insiders say it would form the basis of a more hardcore, road-going AMG GT that will trump the current models in terms of horsepower, downforce and performance.

AMG's current two-seater sports car, which replaced the SLS AMG late last year, currently features a twin-turbo V8 engine that kicks out 503bhp in the most powerful models.

But engineers claim they can get much more from the powerplant, so expect at least 550bhp on tap, as well as a strict carbon fibre diet that will see the kilos shed in pursuit of Nürburgring-busting lap times.