Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 laptop leaks, with QLED screen and giant battery

Looks like the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 isn't too far off, and it has a lot of improvements over the previous model

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 is coming really soon, based on the latest leak. It seems we're in for longer battery life, a better screen, and more improvements. We've certainly come a long way since Samsung's Series 5 Chromebook

What's more, the leaked slide promises a release date less than two months away. If that's to be believed, then we don't have very long to wait before trying out the new Chromebook ourselves. Will it join our list of the best Chromebooks around? Let's take a look.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 leak

(Image credit: WalkingCat)

The slide in question comes from well-known Twitter leaker @WalkingCat (spotted by 9to5Google). Showing off the Chromebook 2's orange-coloured design, it lists specs like a 10th-generation Intel Core i3 processor and 6 gigabit WiFi connectivity, packed into a super lightweight design of just 2.75 pounds (1.24 kg). 

Improvements over the previous Samsung Galaxy Chromebook include better speakers (said to be 178% louder) and a targeted battery life of 12+ hours. The screen is also notably better: it's a QLED, touted by Samsung as the "world's first" for Chromebooks. First or not, it's a big difference from the original Galaxy Chromebook's 4K AMOLED screen. That change is likely a big contributor to the targeted battery life.

The slide also lists a February 2021 launch date on Samsung's website and in-store at Best Buy. CES 2021 is kicking off in just a few weeks, so the all-digital event would be an ideal place to announce the new Chromebook, should that street date be accurate.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

The original Galaxy Chromebook is getting a big update

(Image credit: Samsung)

WalkingCat also teased the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2's potential price. In a follow-up tweet, they asked, "How about [$]699?" That translates to roughly £516 or AU$919. This would likely be the price point for just the entry model, but it still compares favourably to the commonly higher price tags of other Chromebooks. For example, this year's Google Pixelbook starts at $999 / £999 / approx. AU$1,314.

Of course, Samsung has much more up its sleeve for 2021. The promised lineup Samsung Galaxy S21 phones are expected to launch in January, ahead of the Galaxy Chromebook 2. We're looking at an entry level S21, a souped-up S21 Plus, and a maxed-out S21 Ultra there. Accompanying the trio of phones are the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, which recently had their own leak.

Between new phones, new earbuds, and this new Chromebook, we expect to hear a lot from Samsung in the near future. Confirmed specs, prices, and release dates will go a long way toward cementing Samsung's business approach in 2021.