Matt Tebbutt shares his kitchen essentials for the best home-cooked food

Matt has recently joined forces with ProCook

Matt Tebbutt
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As the festive season draws upon us, kitchenware brand ProCook has been releasing some exciting new products in the last few weeks. Its limited edition knife set and colourful new cookware set have caught the eyes of many recently, especially those looking to accumulate their kitchen essentials in time for Christmas. For those of you that are looking to do exactly that, ProCook's new campaign will be right up your street. 

ProCook announced on Monday that it was joining forces with TV Chef Matt Tebbutt to celebrate the joy of cooking and creating food memories at home. Reminiscing on his earliest food moments, Matt has exclusively shared his favourite recipe and all the essential kitchen tools needed to help him bring it to life.

Matt notes “Memories of cooking at home in my formative years were hugely influential on me as an individual. From the first stirring of a pot, to sitting down as a family to eat a classic family roast. These are all moments that ignited my own passion for cooking. Crucially, as I continued on my journey to becoming a chef, I realised the importance of having the right tools not only in the professional kitchen but at home too. It was easy to see that recreating and practicing dishes using my own kit at home was creating a big difference in results.

For many, the ritual of preparing homecooked meals is a thread that ties family and friends together and the kitchen is the heart of the home. In our digital world, getting together with friends and family and losing ourselves in cooking a meal can offer a much-needed escape. It’s been found through various studies that cooking at home and taking part in daily creative activities can greatly improve mental health.

Matt Tebbutt and ProCook

(Image credit: ProCook)

On using cooking as an escape and wind-down activity at home, Matt comments, “For me, cooking at home means there’s no pressure, I’m away from my phone and I can truly immerse myself and be creative, with music playing and a drink in hand. Cooking can be a meditative-like activity - with no distractions and the task at hand being your sole focus, it allows your mind to stop wandering so you can really unwind.”

When it comes to cooking and getting into the kitchen, confidence can often be a barrier. However, with the right kit and some staple skills, everyone can get creative.

Matt adds, “Unsurprisingly, I wholeheartedly believe that quality tools are pivotal to creating the very best meals. If you’re working with poor kit, you’ll never achieve the results you want, even with quality ingredients. Many home cooks are being let down by budget or damaged kitchen tools that are impacting their cooking. Expensive also doesn’t always mean high quality; you want sharp knives, and heavy-weight pans. It’s amazing the effect that a good quality pan can have on the texture and flavour of a dish. ProCook kitchenware is truly a great example of brilliant quality at a reasonable price to build up the cooking kit you need for delicious meals.”

Matt's kitchen must-haves 

1. No screens

Cooking is the perfect time to switch off. Make it a no screen zone and spend quality time together.

2. Quality knives

Investing in good knives makes a world of difference to your finished dish and also helps to make chopping much easier. Don’t presume expensive means good; make sure your knives are sharp and good quality. You’ll know they’re good quality because they will feel comfortable to hold and have a weight to them that creates the perfect balance.

3. Keep it simple

Take risks and be bold, but don’t over complicate it too much. Remember you’re not in a restaurant. Stick to 3 things on a plate to get the best results and build your confidence up.

4. Cast iron, always!

It’s a kitchen all-rounder and a solid investment with many benefits: great heat retention, non-stick qualities, and near enough indestructible - you will use it for every meal.

5. Make plenty

Leftovers are a life saver for family life and a great way to prevent food waste. If your recipe caters to too many people, make the full amount and freeze for a later date. Opt for glass storage containers as these can easily go from freezer-to-oven-to fridge.

6. Play music

Music is known for boosting moods and triggering memories, so is the perfect addition to a family cooking session.

7. Invest little and often

Build up your ideal kitchen kit overtime, investing in quality product little and often. Consider buying 1 to 2 pieces each year or whenever you’re able to, as you build up your home cooking repertoire. Investing in quality pieces in the first instance will not only help improve your cooking, but also save money in the long run by buying better, buying once.

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