The Matrix Resurrections final trailer feels like deja vu, again

The second trailer gives us lots more action but still little idea of what to actually expect in The Matrix Resurrections

Matrix Resurrections
(Image credit: Warner Bros)

With less than 16 days to go before its release, Warner Bros has just dropped a second trailer for the upcoming Matrix Resurrections movie. It's another mix of footage from the original films and clips from the upcoming title, some of which we've seen before. 

The fact that the trailer talks of repeating loops and deja vu then is no coincidence. While this new trailer still doesn't give much away about how the film will play out, we do see more of Neo and Trinity reuniting with no memory of their past actions and lots of fast-action fight scenes – though not the classic bullet time. 

I expect we will see lots of Neo going through the same discovery of the Matrix as we saw in the first film. Hopefully, we won't get too much of the existentialism from Matrix 2 and 3. 

The Matrix Resurrections is in theatres and on HBO Max on December 22, 2021. For now, though, you can just watch these trailers on a loop, and look for that glitch in the Matrix. 

Mat Gallagher

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