Maserati Grecale and MC20 Cielo have me excited for the upcoming EV models

A first drive of the Maserati Grecale SUV and MC20 Cielo convertible is not only a lot of fun but hints at a bright electric future for the brand

Maserati Grecale
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Maserati’s latest model is a mid-sized SUV known as the Grecale. While perhaps more functional than you might expect from this Italian brand, it’s no less stylish. Signature Maserati features such as the trio of grill holes on the wing, and the trident badge are on show, with even the alloy wheels producing that unmistakable logo. 

The Grecale comes in three versions. The standard GT, the upscaled Moderna and the seriously sporty Trofeo. For driving fans it is the flagship Trofeo that will really impress. It sports a growly twin turbo V6 engine that sounds amazing, without delivering ear-bleeding noise. It shifts, too. Driving this car, it’s easy to forget you’re in a mid-sized SUV at all, especially with its more saloon-like driving position and performance steering wheel. 

This is an SUV though, and with that comes plenty of room, both for passengers and for luggage. There’s generous headroom and legroom in the rear and massive boot space. There’s also all the toys you’d expect. Maserati’s operating system is powered by Android Automotive, offering an assortment of features and apps as well as the ability to link your phone for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto use. 

Maserati Grecale

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Driving the Grecale, in all three versions, is a lot of fun. It manages to handle like a sports car and doesn’t feel big and bloated in the way that some SUVs can – it’s the perfect size for the European market. 

There is a third model in the Grecale that wasn’t available to drive yet but will be coming later this year. That’s the Grecale Folgore (lightning in Italian) that will be the company’s first all-electric SUV and ready to compete with the best electric cars on the market. This is set to feature a 105kWh battery, around 310 miles of range and deliver around 550hp. That’s more power than the current flagship Trofeo version. 

Alongside the Grecale, Maserati is also set to release an electric version of the GranTurismo. The GranTurismo Folgore is set to use the same 105kWh battery as the Grecale but deliver a blistering 0-62mph of 2.7 seconds. However, all that power means the range is a more conservative 270 miles. 

Maserati Grecale interior

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Maserati is planning to release electric versions of all its models by 2026, including the two-door sports car, the MC20. I got to drive the latest version of this car, the convertible MC20 Cielo, which is due out later this year and already has a 12-month waiting list. Not only is this car absolutely stunning to look at (and a real head-turner on the road), it’s incredibly quick, thanks to that same 3-litre V6 that’s in the Grecale Trofeo. 

Right now the tech side of the MC20 seems a little behind the Grecale, but I’m sure by the time the electric model comes through, it will have all the bells and whistles. I’d especially love to see a head-up display and a larger centre screen here. 

While some drivers may scoff at the idea of an electric sports car, I can’t wait to see an MC20 Folgore model. With the weight of this car, you can guarantee it will be seriously quick and could easily offer more range than you get out of a tank of petrol in one right now. 

I really like Maserati’s approach of making its EVs a version choice in the current models, rather than a completely separate car. While less daring, it provides a simple step for current drivers to make the transition from ICE to EV. And that has to be the important step right now.  

Maserati MC20 Cielo

(Image credit: Future)
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