MacBook Air M2 drops to lowest-ever price in Cyber Monday sale

I'd buy the M2 MacBook Air for £1109... if it could afford it anyway

MacBook Air M2 deal
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My favourite laptop this year has been the MacBook Air (M2, 2022). Ever since using one I've hated my Windows work laptop and have been contemplating buying one of my own for months now. And now's as good a time as any, as the Cyber Monday sales see the price drop by a tasty £140.

View the M2 MacBook Air deal at Very

Now I'm now saying it takes this laptop down to a bargain basement price point, but every penny counts in today's market. Heck, I can't actually afford to drop over a grand on this machine, much as I'd like to. But if you've been holding fire on buying an M2 MacBook Air then the extra cash off the original asking price ought to help sway your decision. 

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Samsung AU7100 85-inch 4K HDR Smart TV: was £1,249, now £1,109 at Very

This 5-star Apple laptop is now available for the lowest price it has ever been at Very (and some other retailers, see bottom of page). For my money, as I don't need a MacBook Pro, it delivers the best of all worlds for a day-to-day laptop, and at a price that's even more agreeable thanks to this sale. 

And I'm really not kidding, I'd love to own one. As said in my MacBook Air M2 review: this laptop is "redesigned, reinvigorated, revolutionary. It's super powerful, has excellent battery life, and aside from some heat due to no fan cooling and the inclusion of a notch on that new 13.6-inch screen, it's a laptop that's truly hard to fault."

There's been a lot of chatter about Apple's prices rising year on year, which has taken the sub-£1K price point of the MacBook Air beyond that four-figure threshold. When it launched the M2 version was £1,249 for the base machine, a significant rise. Seeing it fall by £140 sees it fall into some middle ground, though, which is far more agreeable a purchase price. 

Why consider the MacBook Air M2?

The biggest reason why you should consider the 2022 MacBook Air is written in its very name: it's lightweight, 'Air-like' if you will, which makes it super portable. I find the battery life to perform much better thanks to the M2 processor and Apple's macOS combination compared to Windows machines too. 

But the real clincher? The M2 silicon is a game-changer if you're coming from a machine from just a few years ago. It's super-fast, silent in operation as there are no fans here, and it can do real heavy lifting tasks without breaking a sweat. There may be some compatibility issues with some apps, sure, but I rarely have run into any. 

This is one of the very best Cyber Monday deals I've seen in the laptop sector during the sales, making it easy to recommend at this new price point. The more I write, the more I want to break out my own credit card...

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