MacBook Air looks set to get a massive upgrade later in 2023

It could feature a new M3 chip, along with a 15-inch option for extra screen real estate

The MacBook Air M2 in blue being carried while closed
(Image credit: Apple)

Just last week, we saw the long awaited release of the new 2023 MacBook Pro models, featuring the M2 Max and M2 Pro chips. The range was highly anticipated, bringing with it came the premium variants to Apple's M2 chip line.

Now, though, it seems the next-generation M3 chip is closer than we expected. A report from Digitimes, an Asian tech publication, suggests that the supply chain is preparing for a new MacBook Air release, expected in the second half of 2023.

The device itself has prompted enough intrigue. Rumours persist that a 15-inch variant will be on offer, which would be the largest MacBook Air in history. That's expected to look a lot like the current generation M2 MacBook Air.

But the chipset inside is likely to cause an even bigger stir. Reports suggest that will be the Apple M3 chip – and likely the first instance of it in their product range. The processor is said to be Apple's first foray into 3nm technology, with the current M2 generation using a 5nm process. That should mean improved efficiency and more power than older chips.

We haven't seen any leaked benchmarks or the like, to compare the real world performance of the M3 to other processors, but expectations are high. It also creates a problem for consumers – do I buy the new latest model, or hang on for what's coming?

The current M2 MacBook Air has been out for a little while now, but the extra processing power of a next-gen chip could enable it to compete with Pro variants. And while it's generally always a good idea to make purchasing decisions based on what is available now, rather than what could be available later, the leap to 3nm processing could be enough to make it worth waiting to see what comes out.

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