Looks like Star Wars Battlefront publisher EA is having a go at VR

The videogame publishing giant will be using its proprietary Frostbite engine for the task

The publisher behind the Battlefield, Madden, FIFA and Star Wars Battlefront licenses hasn't had much to do with the reborn VR sector, but a slew of new open positions on the official EA website could spell a new venture into the brave new world of virtual reality.

Swedish studio DICE (Battlefield 4, Star Wars Battlefront) has just started hiring engineers and creatives for a new VR-driven team. And while the plan is keep the group small and low-key for now, the fact the team will be using one of the most powerful and stable game engines in the industry, namely Frostbite 3, suggests VR is being prepped for the mainstream gamer.

So will this new new investment in the burgeoning VR sector lead the American publisher to create new IPs to adapt one of its existing properties to fit the bill? While Star Wars Battlefront and the Battlefield series could work, the most intriguing potential candidate is DICE's own upcomig sequel - Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Running off Frostbite 3 and built around the premise of a freerunning vigilante leaping her way through a dystopian futre, the first-person viewpoint on offer would make an ideal pairing.

Via: Engadget

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