Logitech's MX Ink is the mixed-reality stylus we expected from Apple

Albeit designed specifically for Meta Quest headsets

Logitech MX Ink
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Logitech has announced the MX Ink, a mixed reality stylus designed specifically for Meta Quest headsets.

It reminds us of the rumours surround the Apple Pencil Pro before its launch, although that never gained any dedicated tools for Apple Vision Pro owners in the end.

Logitech has unveiled a slick and impressive-looking new air stylus, the MX Ink, aimed squarely at designers with mixed reality already in their workflow.

The stylus is chunkier than a standard digital pen, but that's because it has a lot more tech under its hood. It acts like another controller for your mixed reality headset with full tracking.

In many ways, the tools and abilities found on the Logitech MX Ink are similar to those originally rumoured for the Apple Pencil Pro released in May. However, Apple held off adding mixed reality capabilities in the end, leaving Apple Vision Pro owners perhaps waiting for a dedicated Pencil device somewhere down the line. 

A huge difference between that hypothetical Pencil and the MX Ink, though, is that Logitech's stylus is only for Meta's Quest headsets right now – and in particular the Meta Quest 3, which took such a massive step up where mixed reality was concerned. Its pass-through capabilities are hugely impressive, for sure, ensuring it surpasses many of the best VR headsets in capabilities. 

Introducing Logitech MX Ink Mixed Reality Stylus for Meta Quest - YouTube Introducing Logitech MX Ink Mixed Reality Stylus for Meta Quest - YouTube
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The MX Ink will be able to pair directly with the headset, letting you put down your Meta Quest controllers and simply pick it up to start using it, and its precision looks great. 

You'll be able to sketch in 3D or 2D depending on your choice of app or programme, but it also has enough buttons and controls to let you grab, move and manipulate objects and layers in image apps. Those buttons are also customisable, including in their force feedback so that you can make the stylus work as you want it to. 

Logitech says that the stylus' latency will be roughly as low as the actual Meta Quest controllers, too, so it really should feel like an extension of your headset. It also gets around seven hours of use from a single charge, making it ready to work all day, with an including charging dock serving as its home base. 

Logitech has a pre-order page live now where you can sign up for notifications about the MX Ink's availability, and it says that the stylus will be released during Meta Connect 2024. We know that this falls on 25 and 26 September this year, so we've got a few months to go until anyone can actually buy the MX Ink. 

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