Loewe's new 4K TVs take on Samsung Frame and Sky Glass to be the most stylish TV

Get a great-looking TV with a splash of style from a German design legend

Loewe We.SEE TV with blue soundbar on a blue TV bench
(Image credit: Loewe)

German TV company has recently started making sets again after a hiatus, and having already relaunched its relaunched its bild OLED TVs, it's now bringing models that are closer to the mid-range, designed with a streak of colour that makes them a more welcome object in the home than purely a slab of glass.

The Loewe We.SEE TVs are from the company's new sub-brand We, which aims to make colourful gadgets – it's also launching a wireless speaker alongside this TV range.

The We.SEE will come in 55-inch (£1,599), 50-inch (£1,399), 43-inch (£1,199) and 32-inch models (£899) – the 32-inch set is a Full HD model, while the rest are all 4K. Prices elsewhere are TBC. You can get the TVs with one of three colours across the front: Coral Red, Aqua Blue, and Storm Grey. 

Loewe We.SEE TV with coral red soundbar on a stand, in a classy living room

(Image credit: Loewe)

At that price, I would call them totally mid-range, but certainly more so than the company's OLED models, and they're not too. The 4K models all include Dolby Vision HDR, and every model includes Dolby Atmos sound support, and has an Atmos soundbar built-in, which should be a step above what you expect from most TVs in the price range. There's also HDMI eARC for connecting to one of the best soundbars, if you prefer.

With these specs and a funky design, this TV will be a competitor to Samsung's The Frame TVs and Sky Glass – the latter of which also has a built in soundbar, and both of these TVs have different colour options.

The edge-lit LED panel again looks on paper like it should be on par with the Samsung Frame TV, but we'll have to see how it hold up in practice once we can get eyes on with the sets.

Loewe We.SEE TV

(Image credit: Loewe)

One thing to note is that there's no HDMI 2.1 support for next-gen gaming features, such as 4K 120Hz video, so this won't be heading to our list of the best gaming TVs.

But between the good looks, solid specs and Loewe's promise of its own slick smart TV software, maybe these will find a place in our list of the best TVs overall. Samsung's Frame TVs have been a huge hit simply by offering a physical object that's more interesting to have in your home, and these TVs definitely tick that box – and from a great name in technology design.

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