Live like Jude Law thanks to the miracles of VR

Just without the money, women, and legions of screaming fans

We've all wondered what it's like to be famous. The glamour, the flashing lights, the red carpet. Well imagine no longer - now you can experience it thanks to the miricle of VR.

Here's the video (you can watch it on Google Cardboard or Gear VR):

The experience was created as part of Lexus' The Life RX campaign.

It was created by Secret Cinema's Simon Evans and light design specialist Tupac Martir (no, not thatTupac).

They used 80 individual GoPro Hero 4 Blacks, with 11 3D printed rigs. Each rig captured 6K images comprising of 4TB of data.

Shall we just leave the VR headset on and continue being Jude Law?