LG's quirky on-wheels and in-briefcase TVs get official UK price and release date

The LG StanbyMe and StanbyMe Go will be available late November, priced £1,199 apiece in the UK market

LG StanbyMe
(Image credit: LG)

When it comes to the best TVs, especially the best OLED TVs, LG is the number one provider with models such as the OLED C3 and OLED G3 in particular. But its repertoire is much wider than just classic tellies, as was made clear at the beginning of the year with its StanbyMe reveals at CES

That comprises the StandbyMe – a rotatable TV attached to a stand that's on wheels for manoeuvrability – and the StandbyMe Go – an also-rotatable TV housed in a briefcase that lasts for 3 hours of viewing and you can carry anywhere – making up a highly unusual yet interesting duo of products. 

After releasing in Korea and the USA, it's now time for LG's StanbyMe models to release to wider markets, with the UK taking stock from 29 November this year, with either StanbyMe option costing £1,199 whether you chose the stand- or briefcase-mount offering. That's unsurprisingly more than the $999 US asking price, but that's just the way of the world right now. 

LG StanbyME Go

(Image credit: LG)

So what can you expect from the StanbyMe? It's fairly clear that these mounted TVs – which, at 27-inches are more monitor-like in size – are more about convenience than delivering the very best-of-best from LG's technical standpoint. They're LCD panels for starters, not OLED, and the StanbyMe doesn't even offer Dolby Vision levels of brightness and dynamic range (whereas the StanbyMe Go does, briefcase lovers). 

But that's largely besides the point, I suspect, as while I've not used either of these products myself I have read a variety of reviews from the US market and the consensus is much the same: from a practical standpoint, that being able to move a display around easily is potentially really handy. Whether for connecting up to your indoor cycle trainer for perfect positioning, placing bedside when you're under the weather, or moving into the kitchen when you're cooking an epic meal. 

Both are niche products, no doubt, as I couldn't foresee carrying a 12.7kg briefcase around for the sake of watching 3 hours of TV, but that these aren't simply proof of concept products shows the explorative, fun and experimental nature of LG's research and development teams. So if you think the StanbyMe or StanbyMe Go could be for you, the end of November is the first time you'll be able to get a glimpse of them in person in the UK. 

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