LG is working to bring 6G to market

LG might be out of the smartphone market but it’s the main force behind 6G right now

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The departure of LG from the smartphone market was a real loss but, as promised, its 6G research has continued. Today LG announced that one of its principal research engineers is set to chair the Next Alliance Applications Working Group. This is a group that focuses on bringing 6G to North America.

While 5G is still relatively new to the market, 6G has already been in development for years. LG launched its 6G research center in South Korea back in 2019 along with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

There are currently no standards or an exact timing when this new technology will become available. However, it is believed that it could be commercially available by as early as 2028. The current goal is for 6G to achieve 1TB/s speeds, which is five times faster than is possible with 5G.

Of course, 6G is about more than mobile phones. One of the biggest areas the technology will impact is autonomous vehicles. The data transfer speeds would allow vehicles to talk to each other, or to a central hub, fast enough to allow for even highway driving situations.

6G will also continue to expand areas where 5G is being used, including allowing more devices to go truly wireless. Virtual reality, augmented reality and broadcast TV have all benefited from 5G and a move to 6G would allow for even better resolution.

There is still a lot of potential that is yet to be harnessed in 5G, and coverage is still rolling out, but 6G is a glimpse at the future of data communication. Who knows what will have changed by 2028?

Mat Gallagher

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