Lenovo's true wireless earbuds just leaked and Dolby Atmos is on board

Lenovo's Yoga ecosystem looks like it's about to get bigger with the launch of true wireless ANC buds

Lenovo Yoga Earbuds leak
(Image credit: Windowsreport.com)

It looks like Lenovo is about to enter a new product category: noise cancelling true wireless earbuds. The WindowsReport website has got its hands on official renders of the forthcoming ANC earbuds, which are expected to be officially unveiled at the CES show in January 2024 and which reportedly have Dolby Atmos certification.

The earbuds will be part of the Yoga sub-brand, which Lenovo uses for its more lifestyle-oriented products (as opposed to Legion, its gaming sub-brand), and they'll fill a gap in the current line-up which features the £120 Yoga active noise cancellation headphones but no earbuds. The wider Lenovo product range does include some in-ears, but those models are wired.

What to expect from Lenovo's Yoga wireless earbuds

According to the leak, these earbuds aren't made for or targeted towards audiophiles or fitness users; they're designed more with chat in mind, and will offer instant pairing with Yoga laptops and instant answering of Teams calls. They'll pair with multiple devices for easy transition between laptop and mobile devices. One intriguing feature is called Voice ID: it uses voice recognition on your PC alongside your earbuds to help isolate and enhance your voice in calls.

The rest of the leaked specs suggest a frequency response of 20 to 20,000Hz, 6.5 hours of battery with ANC off, 1 hour recharge time and a weight of 6g per earbud. And design-wise there isn't anything particularly strange or startling here: if you took the branding off the case we could probably convince you that Apple was making black AirPods.

What we don't know yet is how much the buds will cost, although going by the rest of Lenovo's audio range we're not expecting a premium price tag here: even the gaming headsets that Lenovo makes are affordably rather than premium priced. The business focus suggests that these buds probably won't be duking it out with Sony's mighty WH-1000XM4 or the other big hitters in our best wireless earbuds guide, but if the price is right they could be a useful option for workplace communications as well as the commute in and out. 

You can see all the leaked renders at WindowsReport.com.

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