Leaked roadmap claims Apple AR glasses and folding iPad are planned for 2027

The report also suggests that despite previous rumours, the iPhone Fold will be out a year before the folding iPad

iPad Fold concept
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Could Apple launch AR glasses and a folding iPad in 2027? A newly leaked roadmap says that's the plan, and that contrary to previous rumours the folding iPhone will arrive before the folding iPad – possibly a year earlier.

That's according to the roadmap by Samsung Securities, which was leaked on X and spotted by WCCftecch.com. The roadmap isn't an Apple document, but it appears to be a genuine Samsung Securities one. Such roadmaps are typically used to help large corporates make long-term plans, and if this document is a fake then it's a good one.

The roadmap covers the next four years, and while the details for 2024 aren't anything new – it talks about Vision Pro and the OLED iPad – the predictions for 2025 through to 2027 are interesting.

What does this leaked roadmap say Apple is making?

For 2025 there's the iPhone SE 4 – contrary to recent rumours that the fourth generation SE is coming this year. That's listed as having a 48MP triple camera and a 6.1-inch OLED display, which fits with other rumoured SE specs.

For 2026 the roadmap predicts a foldable iPhone with a 6-inch external and 8-inch foldable display. That's separate to the new iPads it predicts for the same year, an 8.4-inch iPad mini and a 10.9-inch OLED iPad Air. It also lists OLED versions of the 14 and 16 inch MacBook, presumably the MacBook Pro.

The last year in the roadmap is 2027, and that's when the AR glasses with 1.4" microLED/microOLED displays and the 20-inch folding iPad are predicted.

So should we be taking this roadmap with a big pinch of salt? Looking at each individual prediction, most of them fit well with existing rumours – OLED MacBooks in 2026, folding iPhones and iPads currently in the prototype stage and so on – but it's important to stress two things about this roadmap: one, it isn't from Apple; and two, it's a set of predictions, so even if it's entirely accurate it doesn't mean Apple won't change its plans or cancel some altogether. 

The fact that the roadmap also included 2023 and 2024 suggests that it's been around for a while, and the predictions for AR glasses in particular seem incredibly optimistic now we've seen what the Vision Pro can and can't do. But as a rough guide to where Apple may be heading, it's worth reading.

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