Will Kraven the Hunter be the most brutal Marvel movie yet?

Spider-Man villain gets his own film and first trailer is not exactly tame

Kraven The Hunter movie poster
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The first lengthy trailer for Spider-Man spin-off Kraven the Hunter has hit the internet and it pulls no punches.

Labelled "Red Band" as it's not for kids, the movie trailer shows the anti-hero played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson brutally taking down a bunch of, we assume, criminals. It certainly gives us hope that the film will be miles better than Morbius - Sony Pictures last Spidey-related slice of nonsense.

The trailer also reveals that a version of another Spider-Man villain will be in the movie. However, the Rhino that features seems a lot different to the one Andrew Garfield took on in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - he can seemingly harden his skin at will, rather than wear battle armour.

We only get a glimpse though, so it's hard to say whether than works or not right now. As for the rest, the casting looks to be spot on, save for Russell Crowe's dodgy Russian accent.

Kraven the Hunter will be the first R-rated Marvel movie for years - 2012's The Punisher: Dirty Laundry is one of the last, although a couple of the Netflix Marvel shows were also rated "18" in the UK.

When will Kraven the Hunter be released?

Kraven the Hunter will hit cinemas in October and, if previous release windows are anything to go by, appear on streaming services a few months later.

We suspect that it could even be available to rent and/or buy from many of the top digital stores before Christmas - so you can watch it on any of the best televisions around. Failing that, a January streaming release is not out of the question.

Will Kraven the Hunter be available on Disney+?

As a Sony Pictures release that's only based on a Marvel character, Kraven the Hunter isn't part of the MCU and therefore unlikely to be available on Disney+ anytime soon. It's not even part of Sony's Spider-Man timeline.

It fits into the same category as the Venom movies starring Tom Hardy, and Jay leto's Morbius. None of those are available on Disney+ currently (with the first Venom film actually being removed from the platform in the UK earlier this year).

Are there any more Spider-Man spin-offs coming from Sony?

Sony Pictures will release another Spider-Man spin-off movie in early 2024 - Madame Web.

Starring Dakota Johnson in the eponymous role, with Sydney Sweeney also appearing as Spider-Woman, it features the mysterious, blind clairvoyant mutant who has only really been a supporting character in the comic books over the years.

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