Kirby and the Forgotten Land gets March release date with new thrilling trailer

Can the new 3D adventure rival Kirby: Planet Robobot?

Kirby boss battle
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Nintendo has confirmed that Kirby and the Forgotten Land will launch on March 25th this year, while also uploading a new trailer focused on the loveable character's copy abilities and co-op function that will both play a part in the game.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a 3D platforming adventure that is described as being "filled with wonder, wilderness and Waddle Dees." The new colourful trailer dives deep into what players can expect, alongside the introduction of a new central hub, Waddle Dee Town. Over time it will grow more and more based on the number of Waddle Dees rescued at the end of each level, adding new buildings like Waddle Dee Café. 

Next to this, a two-person co-op mode will allow players to invite a friend along for the adventure as Bandana Waddle Dee. The character possesses a variety of attacks using his spear, which helps to take down any foes that stand in the duo's way. The feature is only available via the same Nintendo Switch system, not online. 

"Kirby has a flair for inhaling air, so he’ll have his work cut out for him when he arrives in an unknown land and discovers that Waddle Dees are being kidnapped in droves by the Beast Pack! To rescue the Waddle Dees, Kirby heads out on a journey with the curious Elfilin, whom he meets in the new world," reads a press release from Nintendo sent to T3. 

"In this sweeping adventure, you’ll make use of a range of Kirby’s abilities to combat foes and navigate vibrant 3D environments. Progress through a world in which nature and a past civilisation have fused in a series of areas packed with platforming challenges." 

While not completely open world, this does look like a big step up for the Kirby series, which has sometimes lacked and reverted to the same formula time and time again. Kirby: Planet Robobot back in 2016 was a great example of when Nintendo experimented with the series and it paid off immensely with one of the highest-rated games on Nintendo 3DS. Fingers crossed this new title does the same. 

Kirby and the Forgotten Land will officially launch on March 25th exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The game will mark the pink blob's 30th anniversary since his debut back in April 1992. 

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