Kindle Fire release to be followed by second Amazon tablet

Amazon to launch second Kindle Fire tablet in January 2012

With Amazon set to officially unveiled the Amazon Kindle Fire Android tablet later today, new reports suggest the retailer is to launch its second iPad rival in January 2012

Ahead of today's Amazon Kindle Fire release date announcement new reports have revealed the online retailer is to launch a second Android tablet in January 2012.

Ramping up the second-generation Amazon Kindle Fire rumours before the original device has even entered the realms of reality, tech blog Gdgt has claimed the next Amazon tablet will be unveiled early next year as a superior model to today's “stopgap” offering.

With the next-gen Kindle Fire 2 tablet believed “to be the device Amazon really believes in," it is claimed the model set to be unveiled today was hit by repeated delays and was originally planned to launch much earlier in the year.

Amazon Kindle Fire Release Date

Expected to hit online stores next month, the original Amazon Kindle Fire is set to capitalise on the upcoming Christmas shopping rush. Whilst a second Amazon tablet launching within a matter of months would be sure to annoy early adopters it would no doubt put Amazon in a strong position ahead of the expected iPad 3 release date around April or May.

Amazon Kindle Fire Specs

Much speculation has surrounded the Amazon Kindle Fire features. Hotly tipped for inclusion is a 7-inch display alongside a 1.2GHz dual-core processor with the Amazon Android App Store to supply content for the device alongside the Kindle ebook store and a number of new film and television content deals the retailer has recently penned.

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Via: TechRadar