Kärcher K2 vs. Kärcher KHB5: which pressure washer is right for you?

We compare the mid-range Kärcher K2 and cordless Kärcher KHB5 to see how these pressure washers differ

Kärcher K2 vs. Kärcher KHB5
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The thing with owning one of the best pressure washers is that you really do need the right one for you. It's all about context in terms of choosing a pressure washer, knowing exactly what you need to clean and it what frequency, and what you don't. 

For example, if you just need a pressure washer to clean, say, your cycle and, once in a while, your car, then a lightweight, cheaper option will be enough. The Kärcher KHB5 and Kärcher K2 represent two of the best lightweight pressure washers on the market today, which is why right here we're pitting them head-to-head.

Are there more powerful, feature-packed pressure washers on the market today? Yes, absolutely, including the German maker's own Kärcher K4 and Kärcher K7 systems, but here we're concerned with cheaper, lightweight options, which we feel will suit more people.

Best pressure washer: Kärcher KHB5

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Kärcher K2 vs. Kärcher KHB5: which has more power?

As you might suspect, the contest for power between the Kärcher K2 and Kärcher KHB5 is fairly easily won by the K2, the wired model. Because it relies on batteries, the KHB5 has a lot less power than the K2. According to the company, the K2 can manage a maximum of 110 bar of pressure and a 360 flow rate. The KHB5 manages 24 bar and a flow rate of 200.

While these numbers aren't awful, if you have some really tough things to clean – your drive, for example, or a patio – then it's worth going for the K2 and living with the extra wires.

The KHB5 does excel when washing more delicate things, however, like older cars and bikes. Of course, you can just turn down the pressure on the K2, but if your main cleaning needs are for delicate objects, it's worth considering the KHB5 and its cordless design. 

Karcher K2

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Kärcher K2 vs. Kärcher KHB5: portability and Hoses

While power might not the KBH5's strong suit, portability is: at just 2.9kg, you're unlikely to get anything near the ease of moving it around elsewhere. For reference, the standard version of the K2 weighs 4.3kg and the compact K2 weighs 3.7kg, both without any accessories.

The KHB5 is plug-and-play, just connect the hose and it works instantly. The K2 is a more traditional pressure washer with multiple different settings. It's worth noting that the K2 lacks a built-in hose reel. 

If you need to move your pressure washer a lot, for whatever reason, the less powerful KHB5 is the obvious and best choice. 

Kärcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer review

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Kärcher K2 vs. Kärcher KHB5: the winner...

Which one of these two pressure washers is the best depends entirely on what your needs are, whether you mind having less power, and how much moving you need to do. The K2 is easily more powerful and versatile, but for many portability – or lack thereof – is a deal breaker.

We really like both of these pressure washers and highly recommend either, especially with a decent discount. 

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