Jura unleashes the ultimate coffee machine and you’ll never sleep again

The new Jura Giga 10 promises professional-grade coffee from cortados to cold brew

Jura Giga 10
(Image credit: Jura)

Jura make some of the best coffee makers you can buy, so a new product announcement is always going to get we overly caffeinated types excited. And it looks like the new Giga 10 is a coffee machine worth getting excited about, because it’s right at the top of the Jura range. 

The Giga 10, Jura says, is a “professional grade” coffee machine that delivers the widest range of speciality coffees on the market: 35 programmable drinks in total, including short cortados and classic cappuccinos. And with the warmer weather coming, the Giga 10 can make your favourite coffee as a cold brew too.

What’s so clever about Jura’s Giga 10 coffee machine?

This is a serious machine for people who take their coffee seriously. I thought the built-in grinder in my bean-to-cup machine was pretty great, but this Jura has not one but two of them – and they’re made from ceramic materials so they should have a longer life than me. 

Those twin grinders enable you to have two different kinds of beans available simultaneously, enabling you to switch between them for different drinks or to combine them to create your very own blend.

The Giga 10 also features Jura’s patented PEP (Pulse Extraction Process). Where most coffee makers pass water through the coffee in a constant flow, the Giga 10 does it in short controlled bursts in order to maximise the extraction time and flavour release. And according to Jura, its Professional Aroma Grinder delivers 12.2% more aroma. 12.2% more than what? They don’t say. 

As you’d expect, the Giga 10 builds on Jura’s existing smart coffee maker tech: there’s smart connect included as standard, enabling you to order your coffee from your phone, and if you prefer to be there to make the magic happen there’s a new touch-operated panoramic panel where you can customise your coffee to make it perfect every time.

The Giga 10 is available now in Diamond Black from Harrods or from the Jura website. The RRP is £3,450.

Carrie Marshall

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