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Picking up a musical instrument from scratch was always intimidating for me. The idea of learning to play the guitar in my twenties via one-to-one lessons with another human being was not my bag. That's where Yousician came in. 

The chance to learn via an app on my phone at my own pace was much more appealing, and I decided to activate a one-month trial and buy a cheap guitar from Gear4Music. I'm so glad I did. 

One year on, I'm not exactly a rockstar just yet but I have picked up a new hobby that I practice pretty much every day. Playing guitar has helped me unwind in stressful moments and really improved my mood because it's just good fun! And now you can get a year's subscription to Premium+ for half price on Black Friday. 

Yousician Premium+ yearly subscription: was £89.99 now £44.99 at Yousician.com

Yousician Premium+ yearly subscription: was £89.99 now £44.99 at Yousician.com
Open up to a world of music with a yearly subscription to Yousician. With Premium+ you get access to lessons for guitar, piano, bass, ukelele and voice all in the same plan. I've tried it and genuinely loved learning a new skill. 

Student Acoustic Guitar by Gear4music, Black: £59 at Gear4Music

Student Acoustic Guitar by Gear4music, Black: £59 at Gear4Music
A great guitar to start learning with, this starter six-string is easy to pick up and play as you're just getting to grips with learning the fretboard and your first chords. I had exactly the same one! 

What makes Yousician so great is that it blends lessons with exercises that your phone's microphone can hear, and then offer real feedback on. You might do a lesson on say, hammer-ons, and then be tasked with playing a real-life song from a band you've heard of with hammer-ons at various different speeds. Much like Guitar Hero, you'll be told if you've hit the right note and whether it was too early or late. 

Now I've picked up the basics, I mainly use Yousician to play tabs and chords of popular songs. The app's library of play-along hits includes songs from the likes of Metallica, Bob Dylan, The Cure, Ed Sheeran and dozens more. 

With a Premium+ subscription, you're not limited to the guitar either, you also get access to the piano, bass, ukelele and vocal courses. You could be your own band! 

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