Video: is this the future of clubbing?

Techno label R&S, Will.I.Am's light-and-magic mates Marshmallow Laser Feast and vodka pimps Absolut bring tripped-out, VR raving to London

Having madea Rainbow Road for Will.I.Am and Lexus, the excellently named Marshmallow Laser Feast now turns its attention to raving at Absolut's Electrik London event. Featuring state-of-the-art visuals, abstract electronic beats and VR headsets, if you please, the Electrik Room brings the realness to an as-yet unspecified cranny of the UK's capital on November 19, space year 2015.

The night will feature DJ sets from the legendary R&S techno label. This is a name that will be familiar to all back-in-the-day ravers as the label that released Energy Flash, Mentasm, Dijeridoo and a plethora of other tracks that early 90s folks in day-glow dungarees 'had it large' and 'got right on one' to, at legendary club nights such as Rave-O-Bonkers, The Hereford and Worcester Nut-Nut Klub and World of MADD Spoonz.

Technoid deck-meisters playing the Electrik Room will include Leon Vynehall, Space Dimension Controller, Moiré and our favourite,Lone, pictured here looking moody in front of some graffiti.

LED projections mapped to the walls will react to the music and 'mood' of the assembled throng, taking guests 'on a 360° journey', man, with 'physical space… transformed using virtual reality.' VR headsets will be on hand to 'transport guests into another dimension, transforming perceptions of nightlife, and raising questions of reality in the digital age.'

We're pretty sure nobody has EVER had their sense or reality warped in a nightclub before, so this is exciting stuff. Presumably you don't actually hit the dancefloor in an Oculus Rift, however, as that would be both too weird, and probably perilous.

If you want a bit of this action, you'd best get a move on. You can pre-register heretoday (November 5 2015), then official sales begin tomorrow, with tickets going on a first come, first served basis. If your name's not down, you're not coming in. Not tonight, mate.

T3's on the guestlist and is polishing up our raving shoes as I type this.

Duncan Bell

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