iPhone XS deal on O2 has no upfront fee, 100GB data and a price that'll make you think Black Friday is already here

Blimey, £60 a month with no upfront fee for the latest iPhone

iPhone XS Black Friday Deal

If the last few years are anything to go by, the latest iPhone models rarely see notable discounts around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, as you can imagine, we were floored by this incredible new iPhone XS tariff from Mobile Phones Direct.

This stellar new contract ticks all the boxes, including unlimited texts and minutes, as well as a frankly absurd 100GB of 4G mobile data, which is more than enough to ensure that even the most ardent video streamers won't run out each month.

Get iPhone XS with 100GB of 4G mobile data, unlimited texts + minutes for £60 a month with no upfront fee

There's also no upfront cost whatsoever, which is pretty rare when it comes to the latest Apple-branded handsets. The contract costs £60 a month for two years.  

You'll be on the O2 network, one of the biggest in the UK. That also means you'll gain access to O2 Priority, which offers early access to tickets for stadium concerts and live sport events, as well as discounts at popular restaurants and high street stores.

Check out more details on this terrific tariff below, or compare it to everything else that's currently available for the iPhone XS deals in the interactive chart at the bottom of the page.

iPhone XS from Mobile Phones Direct | O2 | No upfront fee | 100GB mobile data | Unlimited minutes, texts | £60 a month
iPhone XS launched worldwide in September with a SIM-free price just shy of £1,000. So, getting your hands on the latest iPhone model without parting with a single penny before the start of the contract. And because you'll be on the O2 network, you'll be able to take full advantage of its Priority rewards for free coffees, cheap meals and early-bird ticket sales for the biggest music gigs, too.View Deal