iPhone 12 price call reveals sobering news

The iPhone 12 price has just been called by Wall Street analysts, and it reveals bad news we didn't want to hear

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We know a lot now about the Apple iPhone 12, including the fact that it is slated to get an official reveal on October 13, 2020.

What we don't know, though, is what the iPhone 12 price is going to be, with varying leaks and rumors suggesting a series of price points.

That though looks like it has just changed, though, with respected Wall Street analysts telling US new site CNN that they expect the iPhone 12 price to be $100 more expensive than the iPhone 11.

Bank of America analyst Wamsi Mohan said that:

"This year, the price of the highest-end iPhone 12 model will likely go up by around $100, to account for the cost of adding the superfast 5G connectivity"

There it is, clear as day. You've got one of the most elite analysts from one of the most in-the-know firms stating that the iPhone 12 "will likely go up by around $100".

And 5G is the reason. And worryingly, all but one of the new iPhones has been heavily leaked to be coming with 5G connectivity tech. Which of course raises the question of if a 4G version of the iPhone 12, which has been rumored, could dodge this price rise?

Right now, nothing is confirmed, however on paper this appears like it could be the case. The problem with Apple fans opting for the 4G version, though, is that that version of the phone is predicted to be launching later than the 5G versions, leaving them with the prospect of a wait – and potentially even into 2021.

If these analysts comments are correct, though, and due to their prestige T3 is inclined to believe they will be, then that means instead of paying $699 for the new iPhone, which is what the iPhone 11 retailed for at launch last year, they will now be paying $799.

And if it is only the Pro variants of the iPhone 12 that are affected by the price rise, then that means the iPhone 11 Pro's price of $999 will rise to $1,099.

Here at T3 we think that this price rise will be especially hard to stomach for the Pro variants of the iPhone 12, though, as the latest reports state the phone is not going to offer a 120Hz refresh rate display.

Android flagship phones have been offering this tech for over a year now, so if Apple doesn't deliver it while also asking for more money, we can't see it go down well at all.

In addition, this price rise, if true, will also come in the face that the iPhone 12 phones are slated to also not come with a charger in the box.

All then is not sounding too good ahead of the iPhone 12 launch. Here at T3 we are hoping these reports prove false and Apple is about to blow us all away with a powerful and stylish iPhone 12 range. Fingers crossed.

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