iPad app news: NBA Jam HD arrives on iPad

Classic 2-on-2 basketball sim lands on iPad


Dunk-happy console basketball game NBA Jam has landed on the iPad to the delight of 16-bit fans around the world.

The famous 2-on-2 basketball sim, which shot to fame with its outrageous slam dunks and relentless arcade-style play on consoles like the SNES and Megadrive, back in the early 90s, is available to download now at a cost £5.99 on the iPad.

With all-new updated NBA teams (shame really, we kind of enjoyed playing as Jordan and Pippen with The Bulls back in the day), and a touchscreen-based control system the fun of the original appears to have been masterfully recreated.

Having had a brief play on the game, the touchscreen doesn't quite have the same fluidity to it as the old control pad method, but it might just be a case of spending a little time getting used to it.

There's still the same monumental array of crazy dunks from centre court and no halts in gameplay for free throws or fouls or any of that nonsense. It even boasts the original theme music of the original Megadrive game.

NBA Jam has also been available for the iPhone and iPod touch for a few months, but its great to see EA Sports give the old Midway sim a 2011 sheen.

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