iPad 2 display: Much stronger than original iPad (video)

Test shows iPad 2 victorious with super-flexible screen

Tablet's second coming much more shatter-proof than its predecessor

One of the few things Apple failed to mention in its hyperbole-laden iPad 2 announcement was any changes made to the display. We know that the device itself is thinner than before, but how has that affected its toughness?

Very will, as it turns out. The video below by ifixyouri.com shows a test of the iPad 2's display strength against that of the original, with pretty conclusive results. When pressure is applied to bend the display, the iPad 2's glass seems to be able to withstand a bit of beating.

The glass doesn't break until a huge amount of force is applied, compared to the poor performance of the easily-shattered display on the original 'Pad. Good news for any accident-prone owners of the new iMachine.

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