Infinity Game Table is the ultimate upgrade for board game fans

The Infinity gaming table is coming to the UK to change the way you play board games

Infinity board game table in use by family playing Monopoly
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Do you like playing the best board games? Do you get a massive nostalgic rush when you remember those arcade game tables you used to get in arcades and the odd pub? Then the new Infinity Game Table is the device for you.

It's a high-tech table designed specifically for board game fans, and it's packed with family favourites including Monopoly, Guess Who?, Trivial Pursuit, Simon, Battleship and, er, Chicken Wrangle. There are over 40 games from Hasbro pre-installed on the table, and it has a built-in App Store so you can keep adding new titles.

The gaming table is currently exclusive to and it's yours for just £899.99.

Will a digital gaming table change the way you play?

It's not cheap, I know, but if you've bought any board games recently you'll know they aren't either: the classic Monopoly is £20, Guess Who? is £18, Trivial Pursuit is £30 and so on. So 40-plus faithful recreations of classic tabletop games is coming in at a similar price, and of course that includes the actual table with its 32-inch HD touchscreen and online connectivity so you can play with up to six people from anywhere in the world. However it's worth noting that as this is originally a US product, some of the included games are US versions.

The table itself is a chunky thing that looks rather like it was created in Minecraft, with twin U-shaped legs for strength and stability; they're removable for easier transportation and storage, or for use on top of existing tables. As you can see from the video above, it's a quality device and it's sized just right for some family gaming fun.

If you're mad about classic board games but don't already own the classics, this is a nice idea – not least because it takes up considerably less space than the endless piles of game boxes I have in my flat. It's an expensive investment I know, but as much as I like gaming on my iPad this table looks like a much better option for family gaming nights – not least because it's big enough for six players while my iPad is barely big enough for one.

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