Libratone Q Adapt headphones have Lightning and Bluetooth variants

Adjustable noise cancellers

Libratone, the Danish audio company behind the recently reviewed Libratone Zipp, has today launched its new Q Adapt range of headphones.

The headphone range, which includes both Bluetooth and Lightning-powered models equipped with adjustable noise cancellation (ANC), will be available from October 2016 and include the Q Adapt On-Ear Headphones and Q-Adapt In-Ear Headphones.

The Q-Adapt In-Ear Headphones, which are Lightning powered and cost £159, are designed for use with all iPhone and iPad models with a Lightning connector and, as such, don't require an extra battery pack to power their ANC capabilities.

Those ANC capabilities are made possible by Libratone's CityMix™ technology, which allows the user to set the ANC to one of four different levels. So, for example, level 4 allows the wearer to tune out busy office noise, while levels 1 or 2 are more desirable for when walking, running or cycling.

Libratone's Q-Adapt On-Ear Headphones are Bluetooth powered and can be connected to any Bluetooth-enable source. A microphone is integrated into the ear cup and, as well as featuring the same ANC tech as the In-Ear headphones, also come equipped with proximity sensors that cut the ANC and music when the user removes them. The headphones cost £219.

Speaking on Q Adapt series launch, Libratone CEO Jan McNair said that:

“ANC with no external battery is nothing less than revolutionary. It offers users much greater freedom and mobility.”

For more information about Q Adapt and CityMix™ then please check out Libratone's official website.

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