I think Razer's new Blade gaming laptops, launched at CES 2022, are jaw-dropping

Huge memory and graphics upgrades make the 2022 Razer Blade line-up at CES 2022 incredibly exciting to me

Razer Blade 17 CES 2022
(Image credit: Razer)

We think the premium Razer Blade 15 Advanced is one of the best gaming laptops –we gave it a well-deserved five stars in our review – and the 2022 Razer Blade range that has just been unveiled at CES 2022 looks like it'll be even more impressive. With huge improvements to graphics, RAM and battery, these are the gaming laptops to beat in 2022.

There are three new models in the Razer Blade range: the Razer Blade 14, the Razer Blade 15 and the Razer Blade 17.

More power, more graphics and more fun

The Razer Blade 14 returns with the next generation of AMD️ Ryzen 6000 Series processors. Every configuration includes the Ryzen 9 6900HZ processor, which delivers some of the most powerful AMD gaming you can get on a laptop. 

The Blade 15 and Blade 17 are powered by Intel. Both laptops have the newest 12th Gen Intel Core H-Series Processors, including the Intel Core️ i9-12900H with a new 14-core count over the previous 8-core generation. 

All of the early 2022 Razer Blades will shop with DDR5 memory clocked up to 4800MHz, up to 50% faster than the previous generation, and the newly announced NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series laptop GPUs, with configurations offering models up to the RTX 3060 Ti for blistering graphics performance.

Depending on the configuration you go for, ports range from USB-C to HDMI 2.1 and a high-speed UHS-II SD card reader,

More Blades than Gillette

As with previous Blades, the models here are aimed at particular niches: the Razer Blade 14 is for gamers who want the best lightweight laptops, the Razer Blade 17 is for professional gamers and content creators, and the Razer Blade 15 is the gaming laptop that's likely to be the best gaming laptop for most people. We're excited to get our hands on these, not least because they promise to make our hands more comfortable: the redesigned 2022 Razer Blades have a more ergonomic keyboard design that should be more comfortable for long sessions.

All three models are available for pre-order now, shipping in Q1 2022, and their prices start at $1,999.99 for the Razer Blade 14, rising to $2,699 for the Razer Blade 17.

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