I can't wait to see LG's new OLED TV tech: it'll make the best OLED TVs even better

Meet LG OLED EX: the name is terrible but the technology is terrific

(Image credit: LG Display)

As much as I love my Samsung QLED TV – I reckon it's one of the best 4K TVs around in terms of value for money – I know that my next TV is probably going to be OLED, because OLED TVs are the best TVs. And they're about to get even better thanks to LG display. whose new OLED EX promises to solve one of the downsides of OLED panels: brightness.

The EX stands for Evolution and eXperience, which is of course terrible. But the tech is terrific.

LG's looking on the bright side

According to Gizmodo, OLED EX uses an isotope called deuterium and new algorithmic image processing to deliver up to 30% more brightness from OLED panels, improve energy efficiency and reduce the thickness of bezels from 6mm to 4mm on a 65-inch TV. 

And this isn't a sometime-soon prototype: the tech will go into production in early 2022, with the first LG OLED EX TVs expected to hit the market later in the year. If it's as good as LG claims, it's going to be in several of the best TVs in 2022.

I haven't seen the tech in the flesh yet – like many tech writers, travelling for tech shows is a no-no because COVID – and that's probably for the best: that way I won't suddenly start wishing my Samsung was an OLED instead.

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