Hydrow's incredible Boxing Day sales can help you get fit in 2023 for way less

Don't be a fool and miss out on this top-rated interactive rowing machine deal from Hydrow

Hydrow Boxing Day sales
(Image credit: Hydrow)

Connected fitness brand Hydrow launched its Boxing Day sale, offering £200/$250 off their original Hydrow rower from 26 December until 9 January. Hydrow, as you may know, is one of the best rowing machines and has been dubbed the 'Peloton of the rowing machine world' – well, we called it that in our Hydrow review, so we can only assume everyone else calls it that since then.

Hydrow is a slick indoor rowing experience that uses a similar live online class framework as Peloton (read more about it in our Peloton Bike+ review) but mixes it up with instructors who row in real locations, many of which are stunning to behold (not the instructors; the locations). It's a neat trick that transports the mind from a sweaty room to somewhere more exotic.

Like Peloton and iFit, the live leaderboards and motivational instructors help push users to their limits. The simple art of rowing is arguably one of the best, low-impact ways of improving cardio and generally toning up without leaving home. There's also longevity in the off-machine classes, the regular challenges and the ability to track performance over time. 

Many people will consider living a bit healthier in January, and the smart ones will pick the right tool to get fit in 2023. One of the best smart options is the Hydrow rower, and by ordering it now, you can make sure it arrives in time so that you can start your new fitness regime earlier than the rest. Still not convinced if you should get a Hydrow? Check out all the best rowing machine deals below instead.

Matt Kollat
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