Huawei launches stylish smart glasses to replace your... Google Glass?

Designed in collaboration with avant-garde eyewear brand Gentle Monster

Did you like the idea of Google Glass but were instantly put off by how they looked? Well we have some good news for you, because Huawei has partnered with avant-garde glasses brand Gentle Monster to create a pair of stylish smart glasses.

They offer similar functionality to Google Glass, but only offer audio output, just like the Bose AR glasses.

Naturally, Gentle Monster were in charge of how the smart specs looked, while Huawei handled the technology inside.

So, what exactly is inside?

Each pair comes with dual microphones for picking up your voice. That'll be useful for calls, or interacting with the smart assistant.

There are also small speakers hidden inside the frame, which are designed so that only the wearer can hear them.

These speakers can be used for anything from directions and phone calls, to watching films on your phone.

There's also a wireless charging module (which works in tandem with the glasses case), a battery, and several antennas. 

The smart glasses come with both sunglasses lenses and clear lenses, and in a range of attractive frames.

There aren't any buttons on the frame, so we expect there with be a touch sensative panel somewhere.

 All frames are rated as IP67 water and dust resistant, so you can wear them at the beach or in the rain.

We're really excited by this announcement, as they look like the best pair of smart glasses yet, both stylish enough that you'll actually want to wear them, and with enough functionality to make them useful.

We can't wait to try them out when they launch in the summer, 2019.

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