How to watch It's a Sin online around the world in the US, UK and elsewhere

An often overlooked passage in LGBTQ+ history, here's how to watch It's a Sin, Russell T Davies' critically acclaimed mini series

Watch It's a Sin
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Olly Alexander stars in Russell T Davis' moving masterpiece as Ritchie Tozer, joining a gorgeous ensemble of talent to make up the much-loved residents of the Pink Palace. Full of heart, find out how to watch It's a Sin online no matter where you are in the world as the mini-series is released around the globe.

A snapshot of 1980s Britain, It's a Sin follows Ritchie as he leaves behind the sheltered Isle of Wight for a life in London filled with sexual exploration, conquests, parties, and friends for life. At the same time, however, the AIDS epidemic begins to sweep the nation, with the LGBTQ+ community taking the hardest hit.

With the sobering reality of this disease at its start, heart-wrenching scenes soon unfold. Omari Douglas, Lydia West, Nathaniel Curtis and Callum Scott Howells join Alexander as Roscoe, Jill, Ash, and Colin, giving us a lesson in ally-ship and pinpointing an often over-looked passage in time of unrest and prejudice.

Offering cameos from Stephen Fry and Neil Patrick Harris, this is a show that should certainly be on your radar. Here's how to watch It's a Sin online wherever you are.

Where can I watch It's a Sin in the UK?

The critically acclaimed TV series airs once a week on Channel 4, premiering on January 22, with a new episode every Friday for its five episode run, the finale airing on February 19.

Upon its premier on Channel 4, viewers could also watch It's a Sin from start to finish on Channel 4's on-demand streaming service, All4, with the full five episode series readily available to watch online after the first episode aired on TV.

Whether you want to savour this British masterpiece, then, or binge watch it online all in one go, the option is there for you.

What time can I watch It's a Sin in the UK?

You can watch It's a Sin every Friday from January 22 until February 19 on Channel 4 at 9pm.

Alternatively, you can watch the new series on your own schedule with all five episodes readily available to watch on-demand on All4.

How to watch It's a Sin in the UK

Whether you want to enjoy the ritual of sitting down in front of the TV with a new instalment airing once a week, or you're well versed in the art of binge watching, you can do either.

As mentioned, you can watch It's a Sin on Channel 4 - a free-to-air channel in the UK - with a new episode airing on Channel 4 every Friday night at 9pm for its five episode run.

For those who are too inpatient to wait it out before consuming the next episode, Channel 4 has also made the full series available on All4, it's on-demand streaming service. Here you can gorge yourself on Russell T Davis' gorgeously diverse series in full for free.

Of course, All4 also offers flexibility in where and how you choose to watch, with All4 available on a whole host of devices, including:

  • Smart TVs
  • Desktop: Windows, Mac
  • Mobiles: iOS, Android
  • Streaming devices: Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, FreeviewPlay, Now TV, Sky, Virgin Media, YouView
  • Consoles: PS4, XBoxOne

Watch It's a Sin

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How to watch It's a Sin elsewhere across the globe

It's a Sin arrives in the US February 18 on HBO Max. You can choose to pay $14.99 a month or secure 6 months upfront for just $69.99, benefitting from a 20% saving with this advance plan.

Alongside the UK, both Australia and New Zealand were able to watch the new Russel T Davis series when it premiered on January 22.

Australian viewers can watch on streaming service Stan, with the option to give the platform a try for free with its 30-day free trial. Thereafter you can choose between a Basic plan for AUD$10 a month, Standard plan for AUD$14 a month, or a Premium plan for AUD$19 a month.

In New Zealand, the show is available to watch TVNZ, which is free to watch on your TV or by using it's on-demand service.

If you're in Canada, there isn't an official release date as of yet, however Prime Video has acquired the rights for It's a Sin. Hopefully it won't be long before Canadian viewers can watch the new Russell T Davis series, then.

For those in Europe, French viewers can catch the series on Canal+, with the option to have a TV and Digital package or just a Digital package from €20.99 a month for just Canal+ or €30.99 for the full Canal+ package, including Canal+ Cinema. 

In South Korea you can use Watcha Play to stream It's a Sin, with a two-week free trial available on the platform.

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