How to upgrade your Nintendo Switch OLED with 4K graphics

Wish your Nintendo Switch OLED was 4K? It can be, here's how

Nintendo Switch OLED 4K
(Image credit: Nintendo)

In T3's Nintendo Switch OLED review we said that "the Big N's games console just got bigger and better", and while that is absolutely true, the one thing it didn't deliver that we really wanted here at T3 was a graphics resolution upgrade.

Indeed, despite its new screen, the Nintendo Switch OLED comes with essentially identical internal hardware to the original Nintendo Switch, meaning that its natural resolution output is 720p (or 1080p in docked mode).

However, what many gamers don't realise is that you can actually get upgraded resolution graphics on a Nintendo Switch OLED today.

That functionality is unlocked by the Marseille mClassic, a super-neat game console graphics processor that is capable of upscaling the 720p resolution of the Nintendo Switch OLED up to 1440p, which then if displayed on a Ultra HD TV with 4K upscaling built in, can mean you can play Nintendo Switch games at an upscaled 4K resolution.

Check out the Marseille mClassic in operation in the below video:

And, what makes the Marseille mClassic even better, is that it is a completely plug-and-play product – it is simply a USB-powered dongle that sits between the Switch OLED and the display on the console's HDMI line.

The graphics upscaling is unlocked thanks to the Marseille mClassic's built-in 4K Chroma 4:4:4 Scaler Processor, which in partnership with its 120 FPS Graphic Post-Processor and 1ms response time, means that all Switch games are, immediately and with zero effort, upscaled to and enhanced in terms of framerate, too.

Check out the footage below showing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 running both with and without the mClassic. Specifically note how all the jagged edges and noise visible with the mClassic off get removed and smoothed with it turned on.

On a 4K display the difference that the mClassic makes in terms of how Nintendo Switch OLED games look and run is marked, and it really makes the new console feel a lot more modern – and especially in light of the graphical power delivered by the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

And the crazy thing about the mClassic is that it doesn't just work with Nintendo Switch OLED, either, but can upscale a whole host of consoles, retro or otherwise. Indeed, it even has a retro mode dedicated to making retro consoles look better than ever on modern televisions. The value for money proposition is excellent.

We gave the Marseille mClassic a maximum score of 5 stars on review, with us praising its easy plug-and-play setup, excellent image enhancement capabilities and stylish, compact design. And now more than ever, with gamers desperate for a higher fidelity Nintendo Switch OLED gaming experience, it seems like a great way to gamers to get that today.

To us at T3 it is the perfect way for Switch OLED owners to bridge that gap to the heavily rumored 4K Nintendo Switch, and especially because it retails for a very affordable price point, too. The Marseille mClassic can be bought now for $99.99. For more information about the Marseille mClassic head on over to the upscaler's official website.

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