Netflix on Sky Q: price, release date, and T3's hands on lowdown

T3 goes hands on with Netflix on Sky Q, and this is what we think and everything you need to know

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We love Sky Q here at, with us concluding in our official Sky Q review that "it's futile to deny that Sky Q is brilliant" and that it "takes TV watching to another level".

We also said that it would "only get better", and after recently going hands-on with Sky and Netflix's latest venture, a Sky Q system with Netflix built in, it's pleasing to see that our prediction was bang on the money.

The short version of this hands on review is that Netflix on Sky Q is a fabulous thing, with the content might of the former seamlessly integrating side-by-side with Sky's hardware system and content offering, which remains now more than ever the best-in-class proposition compared to its rivals.

For the longer, detailed review, including the Netflix on Sky Q price, release date and features, then read on.

Netflix on Sky Q: price, availability, and release date

Netflix on Sky Q

The Netflix content flowed into Sky Q is profile specific, with profiles easily switched between in-system.

Netflix on Sky Q is launching in November 2018.

In terms of price, Netflix on Sky Q is available through a new content package, Ultimate on Demand. Ultimate on Demand is an additional £10 a month for all new and existing customers alongside their Sky Q subscription.

Ultimate on Demand is available on a 31-day rolling contract, and can be easily signed up for through the Netflix app on Sky Q. Once a customer has signed up for Ultimate on Demand, any existing Netflix account can be automatically moved payment-wise into the new Sky Ultimate on Demand package, meaning that users stop paying the singular Netflix fee and now just pay for Ultimate on Demand.

If a user wishes, though, they can keep the two payments separate, although then they will end up paying £2.99 more per month overall.

Netflix on Sky Q

Netflix content like Stranger Things is integrated into the Sky Q system at a deep level.

To be very clear, though, that £10 fee for Ultimate on Demand includes a subscription to standard Netflix. If you want Netflix Premium integrated into Sky Q, with its 4K streaming and various other perks such as the ability to run 4 streams, you need to be a Sky Q Experience subscriber (and have the 2TB Sky Q box), which is an extra £12 a month outlay on top of Sky Q Entertainment and Ultimate on Demand subscriptions.

So, simply put, there are two tiers for Netflix on Sky Q: Sky Q Entertainment customers who subscribe to Ultimate on Demand and get standard-definition Netflix integrated into their TV box, or Sky Q Experience customers, who get the 4K Netflix Premium integrated via Ultimate on Demand into their TV box.

T3 confirmed that even if you have the non-UHD Netflix integration into Sky Q, if you launch the system's dedicated Netflix app you can still stream Netflix content in 4K providing you have a Netflix Premium subscription.

Netflix on Sky Q: how it works and features

Netflix on Sky Q

Sky and Netflix shows sits side-by-side on Sky Q's content rails, some of which are tailored around the viewer's usage history.

Turn on the Sky Q system with Netflix on Sky Q enabled and, seamlessly, the entire content library from Netflix is integrated into the user interface's content selections.

These content selections are arrange via "content rails", with show and movie artwork lined up alongside each other. This content is adaptive to which Netflix profile is selected and also to any parental locks that have been placed on it.

So, for example, if you have a kids profile and select that (a process that simply involves clicking on the profile picture in the Sky Q menu and then switching to the one you want) then the content filtered through from Netflix will be restricted to that account. Switch back to an adult or, say, family profile, and the content rails get repopulated with shows and movies tailored to that profile and its viewing habits.

Naturally, alongside browsing the content rails, or selecting a specific one from the menu's side bar, you can also use integrated text search to find a specific show or movie quickly (apparently voice search functionality is coming down the road).

Netflix on Sky Q

Selecting a Netflix show from a content rail, which range from genres to more specific recommendations based on a user's tastes, and it immediately takes you in to the show/movie page where you can then launch the content, which streams directly as in the dedicated Netflix app.

Press the Home button on the Sky Q remote from a Netflix show and you are returned to the Sky Q homepage, whereas if you want to back out of the content to Netflix itself you can press the left direction button on the remote.

In terms of watching Netflix and Sky content on the go, we can confirm that while content mixes in Sky Q, titles available to download can only be watched through their origin maker's app, be that Sky Go or Netflix. So a migrated Netflix account into Ultimate on Demand still grants you access to both content suppliers shows and movies, but you have to watch them on the go through one or the other app.

Netflix on Sky Q: hands on verdict

Netflix on Sky Q

Netflix on Sky Q is, unsurprisingly, the excellent and easy to use Sky Q experience but now bolstered by Netflix's superb content suite.

Rather than simply dumping all that content clumsily into a new Sky menu tab, though, the content is actually weaved throughout the Sky Q system on a very deep level.

The distribution of the content is also smart, too, as it is reactive to which Netflix profile is being used as well as any parental controls that may have been placed on it.

And the speed and seamless presentation through Sky Q of accessing the Netflix content, which is streamed pure rather than run via download play, is excellent, with the system's content rails clearly and colourfully displaying a user's content.

Netflix on Sky Q

Partner Netflix on Sky Q with the sort of hardware setup we had access to in our hands on session, a setup that included a premium 4K TV alongside Sky's own Soundbox speaker system (which T3 said was a "no-brainer for existing Sky Q customers" on review), and it's hard to direct people elsewhere for a home TV viewing experience.

Yes, sure, most smart TVs have a Netflix app built-in, as too do consoles like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X as well as rival TV boxes like the Virgin TV V6, so it is hard to say that Netflix on Sky Q is an essential purchase (or upgrade).

However, the idea that you can streamline your content collection, which increasingly is being split across a wide-number of services, each with their own separate ecosystem and payment methods, into one buttery smooth, all-inclusive experience that is incredibly intuitive and simple to use, is simply not offered anywhere else and definitely turned T3's head.

We'll be looking to fully test the system come the November roll out, so be sure to check back in to then for our definitive verdict.

To learn more about Netflix on Sky Q users can pre-register over at Sky's official website.