Hot 100, in the new issue of T3!

From virtual worlds to OLED laptops, here’s all the thrilling future tech you need to know about

Cover of T3 issue 332 featuring the cover line 'Hot 100'.
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The new issue of T3 is here, bringing you the tech, the trends and the people hurtling us forward into a brighter future.

Hungry to know which mouthwatering tech is coming your way? Well T3 has more than enough innovative inbound gadgets and trends to sate your appetite. Whether you’re interested in revolutionary e-vehicles, game-changing portable consoles or sustainable, upgradeable gadgets, we’re profiling the most exciting emerging tech just around the corner.

But there’s a lot more on offer in the latest issue! Discover why the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the best Android phone ever, check out the top travel tech to pack this summer and find out how Microsoft’s hench hybrid tablet laptop, the Surface Pro 8, stacks up against the competition.

You can read a sample of the magazine right in your browser just below!

What’s inside the latest T3?

In the latest issue of T3, you’ll find:

  • <b>Hot 100</b> – from QD OLED TVs to colour-changing cars, meet the elite gadgets and tech trends you can’t miss
  • <b>Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra tested</b> – this flagship phablet has an epic screen and high-octane hardware
  • <b>Holidays are back!</b> – here’s what you should pack to keep your next trip on track
  • <b>Microsoft Surface Pro 8 rated</b> – a hench hybrid tablet laptop with powerful hardware
  • <b>In good hands</b> – trick out your wrist with one of these breathtaking timepieces
  • <b>Sony LinkBuds reviewed</b> –  doughnut-shaped earbuds that don’t block your lugs
  • <b>Running trainers rated</b> – discover which training shoe is your new sole mate
  • <b> Sony A7 IV tested</b> – its huge 33MP sensor and 4K shooting are great for snappers
  • <b>Garmin’s Fenix 7 reviewed</b> – the running watch takes flight with solar charging and superior fitness insights

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