Horror fans will love new show based on Netflix's 100%-rated movie chiller

The Creep movies are continuing as a series

Creep 2
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Mark Duplass has revealed he has a new horror series coming, continuing the twisted story of his two Creep movies, both of which are available to stream on Netflix right now.

The series will be called The Creep Tapes, apparently, and each episode will follow a new victim in the franchise's found footage horror lineup. Scary stuff!

The two Creep movies were Netflix originals produced in conjunction with Duplass and Blumhouse, but the new series has apparently been conceived and created independently. 

To give you a taste of what's likely, check out the Creep 2 movie trailer below. The Creep Tapes, however, hasn't commenced streaming yet, so there's a bit of a wait for that.

While the series doesn't yet have a distributor, it seems to have wrapped filming and is now in post-production, with sales set to follow to see where it'll be distributed (and you'd have to assume that Netflix would at least be interested given its history with the franchise). 

Duplass hasn't said a huge amount about the project at this point, but he teased its existence with a post or two on X (formerly Twitter) last week, all but confirming a report by Variety about it. 

We've already mentioned the good news, too. You can catch up on both Creep movies now if you have a Netflix subscription, and they're really fun, tense and scary watches. 

Even better, each comes in under 90 minutes long, so they're perfect for a movie night that you don't want to last for hours. They've been pretty highly rated, too, with the second film in particular currently sitting on a coveted '100% Fresh' score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Each movie follows an unsuspecting videographer answering an online ad to help Duplass' character with a seemingly innocuous filming job. In both cases, things start to get creepier and creepier as the day goes on, and Duplass reveals more and more unsettling details. 

They're impressively restrained in some ways, but there's no doubt they're happy to go to dark places – each movie ends in hideously shocking ways, and it'll be really interesting to see how Duplass and his team one-up this with the new series. 

We doubtless won't hear a huge amount more about The Creep Tapes until a distributor is confirmed, but we're hoping that Netflix will display its ambition to be the best streaming service for horror fans by picking it up. 

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