Homer Simpson the world's most popular Sat Nav voice

Guinness World Records recognise Homer Simpson as the most downloaded sat nav voice

Homer Simpson tops list of most downloaded sat nav voices, proving more popular than the likes of Darth Vader, Ali G and Brian Blessed

Homer Simpson has been officially recognised as the most popular celebrity Sat Nav voice, beating competition from fellow Springfield residents Marge and Mr Burns.

Recognised by the folks at Guinness World Records as the GPS navigation voice with the highest sales figures, the Homer Simpson offering, which features a number of the yellow hued characters famous phrases, has outsold the likes of Darth Vader and Ali G.

Originally released in June 2009 the Homer Simpson navigational offering, developed by GPS voice specialist Locutio Voice Technologies, achieved six-figure sales volumes in its first year of availability. With the US accounting for 40 per cent of all Homer Simpson sat nav voice downloads, the 20th Century Fox character made the jump to TomTom's iPhone app navigator in 2011.

“Homer was the breakthrough GPS voice that firmly established the category,” said Chris Hilton, Managing Director / CEO of Locutio Voice Technologies. “We look forward to bringing more Simpsons characters to owners of GPS devices all over the world.”

Carl Lumbard, SVP & MD FCP EMEA added: “This is a perfect brand fit with The Simpsons on all levels, appealing to all the family as well as the male gadget market.

“The Simpsons continues to break new ground and open up new fronts in the consumer technology space and these pioneering products reflect the brand's ongoing relevance today.”

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