Hisense shows impressive range of 4K HDR panels

Holding out to afford the latest in 4K TV technology? Then hold no more

Hisense's recent range-topping XT910 65-inch ULED 4K TV demonstrated that you can get ultra high-end hardware on a sensible (ish) budget and it's going to continue this trend with the release of a new range of TVs for 2016 which offer the latest tech for less.

While that might not sound massively exciting, consider this - Hisense is not only going to offer 4K resolution screens in its new range, from the entry level H7 to the range topping bad boy H10, they'll all also feature HDR technology, so you'll be able to take advantage of services like Amazon's newly announced HDR video streaming, offering even more amazing image quality than 4K can offer.

The starter TV in this lineup, the H7, is going to cost just $400 (around £270) for the 32-inch model, which is an insane level of value, meaning almost everyone can make their TV setup future proof from the get go.

The next step up us the H8 which is basically an H7 with the addition of multi-zone local dimming for better blacks, and from here the H9 also offers the above but with an ULED panel and Ultra Smart Peaking, which increases the response time off black-to-black and gives greater control of local brightness levels.

The top of the line H10 is an improved version of its first ULED TV - the XT910 - with some choice upgrades including Quantum Dot technology, giving stunning picture quality, and 300 zone local dimming (as apposed to the XT910's 240 zone dimming) - for even darker black spots and brighter light spots than before. It'll come in at around $2799 (around £2K) so a similar price, then, to the XT910, so not cheap, but way cheaper than the best alternative: OLED.

Interestingly, despite the inclusion of HDR on all its TVs, Hisense will include a dedicated Netflix button on all its remotes for 2016 TVs, instead of an Amazon button, giving you instant access with a touch. But fear not, it won't take long to launch the Amazon app thanks to the the Hisense Smart TV platform, which offers Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube and more through the intuitive interface.

Hisense will also be expanding its range of Roku TV models featuring the excellent Roku OS, which can be partnered with the Roku mobile app.

The H7 and H9 will be available February, while the H8 is coming in April, soon to be followed by the H10 in the second half of 2016.

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