Hideo Kojima opens new independent studio, first game will be a PS4 exclusive

The MGS auteur departs that messy Konami debacle to develop games on his own terms

Hideo Kojima has confirmed he's finally cut ties with Japanese publisher Konami, forming a brand new independent studio in the process. Not only that, Kojima has confirmed he's working in partnership with Sony to bring a brand new franchise exclusively to PlayStation 4.

The official announcement video, featuring Kojima-san and Sony president and group CEO Andrew House, marks another considerable scalp for PS4 and will see the veteran games director oversee his first major project since wrapping up the excellent, if divisive, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain earlier this year. It should be noted that Kojima Productions (yes, Kojima has literally used the same name as his last studio) isn't a Sony funded venture but a totally independent venture.

That decision to go 'freelance' is hardly surprising considering the very public split Kojima had with Konami in 2015, and Sony's desire to give him all the freedom he needs to develop his next big project is another wisely timed bit of PR for the already booming PlayStation brand. And if a recent tweet from Kojima is anything to go by, his long-time MGS collaborator Yoji Shinkawa may be heading to independence with him.

Via: PlayStation

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