Here's how you can speed up your iPhone with iOS 12

Handy tip to get the maximum speed out of your iPhone

iOS 12 2018 iPhone

Apple iPhone users may not have upgraded to iOS 12 beta just yet but this new process enhancing feature is reason enough to get the new OS.

If you aren't sure about trying the beta version of iOS 12 then be reassured that it's getting some very good reactions over on Reddit. Most notable of all is the ability of the OS to speed up older iPhones like the iPhone 5S, iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. But new phones are reportedly running quicker also.

The update comes after Apple's WWDC announcement that it would be "doubling down" on performance with this new OS update. So far users on Reddit are already saying this works so well it feels like a new phone. So how has this been done?

Apple has sped up animations to make moving about the phone feel faster. That trick aside, Apple has also changed how the processors in iPhones work meaning processor power spikes are faster. That results in less lag so performance is noticeably more responsive.

To try out iOS 12 beta you simply need to head over to and sign up to the Apple Beta Software Program. Top tip, be sure to update your phone before you make the switch, just in case.

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