The Helsinki AirJet is the first inflatable hot tub you can use all-year-round

Unique Freeze Shield technology means the winter chill won’t stop you from relaxing outside

Helsinki AirJet review

Inflatable hot tubs are an ideal way to upgrade your garden. They're easy to install outdoors, and they're easy to move and store as well, making them the perfect option if you don't want to spend thousands on a large acrylic spa.

There's one issue – inflatable hot tubs can't be used in winter – until now that is.

Introducing the Helsinki AirJet from Lay-Z-Spa – a Nordic inspired inflatable hot tub which can be used all year-round thanks to the innovative Freeze Shield technology.

Freeze Shield allows you to use the hot tub from warm summer days to the coldest winter nights. It keeps the pump running at all times in a power saving mode, stopping the water from freezing in the pipes and motor.

This, coupled with a durable drop stitch construction, insulating inflatable lid, and a realistic wooden design, make it a great alternative to an acrylic spa.

We've been testing the Helsinki to see how it performs.

Firstly, it's easy to set up, although the claim it only "takes five minutes" on Lay-Z-Spa's website is a bit of an exaggeration.

The inflatable spa features a rapid heating system, which will heat the water to a toasty 40-degrees centigrade (or less, if you desire). 

That means you, and up to six (at a squeeze) of your friends or family will be enjoying the 87 Airjet massage system in no time.

Maintenance is easy thanks to the integrated ChemConnect dispenser, which attaches to the internal wall of your spa and slowly releases multifunction chlorine solution into the water. 

If you do have an issue, then Lay-Z-Spa has dedicated UK customer service and the product comes with a two year warranty.

Check out the best prices on the Helsinki AirJet from Lay-Z-Spa below:

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