Is a GTA 6 trailer on the way?

Rumours are mounting that a Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer is imminent

Trevor driving car in GTA V and Kryto9095 infront of Rockstar Games logo
(Image credit: Rockstar Games / Krypto9095)

Another week, another rumour surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6. This time it's all to do with the game's first trailer and when it is due to arrive, with the internet convinced the unveiling is imminent. 

The first rumour looks to have begun with the GTA6NewsLeaks Twitter account sharing that news on GTA 6 is incoming because "Take-Two / Rockstar are hosting a livestream" on May 16th. In actual fact, Take-Two Interactive (parent company of Rockstar Games) is set to report its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2022 results, something that always happens at this time of the year.

The "livestream" is also a conference call where the company will discuss its earnings, take questions from investors and look at its plans ahead for the coming quarter/year. The latter of which is where there's a small chance of GTA 6 being mentioned along with how it's progressing, though don't expect a trailer to drop as a result of this. 

Take-Two Interactive will host its conference call to discuss its results at 16:30 ET / 21:30 BST. We will naturally let you know if anything major comes out of this. 

The second rumour is a little more curious. Music artist and GTA YouTuber Krypto9095 has been sharing numerous GTA 6-related posts over the past week or so (via Twitter). The most interesting of which is an image of the rapper in front of a Rockstar logo, which has led many people to speculate that he is working on music for the game or even voicing a role. 

While nothing has officially been confirmed, the artist is followed by Rockstar Games on Twitter and boasts almost two million subscribers on Instagram and over 100,000 followers on Instagram alone... so this isn't some random account. Krypto9095 is a gold record artist thanks to his song "Woah" that released in 2018. It has accumulated over 145 million views on YouTube alone. Listening to the track and it does sound like the type of music that would appear in a GTA game, although that's purely speculation.  

Naturally, we're sceptical about the validity of all of these claims and it's best to take these rumours lightly. Hey, at the least we know that GTA 6 is real and that it's actually on the way. As arguably the most anticipated video game in the world, there's also a good chance that more details will start leaking out soon. 

Interestingly enough, it's been found that GTA 6 is already breaking records even without a release date or trailer. To keep up with all the latest news, rumours and everything else concerning Grand Theft Auto 6, head on over to T3's official GTA 6 hub for the latest information. 

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