Green means go! H Moser & Cie launch a crazy, colourful watch

The H Moser & Cie Pioneer Centre Seconds Concept Citrus Green gives big Kermit energy

The H Moser & Cie Pioneer Centre Seconds Concept in Citrus Green on a wrist
(Image credit: H Moser & Cie)
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H Moser & Cie has unveiled their latest timepiece – and it's quite different to what you might expect.

The Pioneer Centre Seconds Concept has a Citrus Green dial and no indices.

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When you think of luxury watches, you probably have a very specific style in mind. It's probably exquisitely carved from some kind of precious metal. It might be full of complications, too, with a stunningly finished movement in the back.

You probably don't picture a Kermit green piece which is totally devoid of any indices, on a rubber strap for good measure. But that's exactly what the good folks over at H Moser & Cie have just unveiled.

The timepiece – dubbed the H Moser & Cie Pioneer Centre Seconds Concept Citrus Green – sees a fume dial employed on a gorgeously stark dial. That sits inside a 42.8mm steel case, and can be enjoyed on a range of strap and bracelet options.

You'll find 120m of water resistance on offer, with an in-house calibre inside. That will also provide 72 hours of power reserve. And while the front of the watch sports quite a juvenile edge, the rear display case back reminds you of just what an elegant piece this is.

You'll find stunning finishing on the movement itself. A hollowed rotor allows users to see every cog and spring in beautiful detail, while different finishing techniques offer a degree of dimension. It's lovely to look at.

Another interesting point here is the use of Super-LumiNova. You'll find them in the hands – nothing too unusual there – but it also fills the flange around the dial.

That's an interesting idea. With no indices to fill with luminous material, the ring around the dial offers lots of extra light for viewing the watch in the dark. The result is quite a mystifying look, with an almost halo-like quality.

Priced at CHF 14,500 (around £12,600 at the time of writing), this is certainly an interesting prospect. The luxury watch market is notorious for taking itself a little too seriously, and it's nice to see a brand put out something a little more fun.

In short – if you have the funds for a luxury watch, but want something with a little more personality, this H Moser & Cie Pioneer Centre Seconds Concept Citrus Green is one to watch.

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